As Japanese bombers attacked the US Navy on the aircraft-rockets

History 23/02/20 As Japanese kamikazes attacked the U.S. Navy on the aircraft-missiles

the Military history of Japan is much more tragic, than is commonly believed. About the Japanese pilots-bombers, who deliberately tried to RAM the opponent, heard many. But it turns out during the war in Japan was even developed a special aircraft missiles, piloted bombers.

the Rocket is more efficient than the plane

to Understand the psychology of the Eastern European man is incredibly difficult. For us, almost habitually, when a character closes a recess bunker to save his comrades. But when the command, as it was in Japan, begins to calculate the efficiency of the use of kamikaze pilots is already beyond good and evil. However, during the Second world war, all happened exactly. When the Japanese found out that the planes, piloted bombers, are very difficult to overcome the air defense batteries of the enemy, and 250-pound bombs don’t cause the desired damage, it was decided to create a new weapon able to reach the goal. They became manned aircraft missile. In the air, he raised a heavy bomber, as a projectile. When American ships were in the area of good visibility, the aircraft-rocket separated, he included the engines, and on toward the goal he has pursued himself. In Japan, this project was named “Oka”, which means “cherry blossom”. The Americans nicknamed him tank (in Japanese – “fool”). The aircraft-missile combat head weighed 1200 kg. He had three gunpowder engine. This machine cost a penny, because her life was very short. The frame of steel pipes sheathed with plywood. The cabin was primitive and included only those devices which are required to control the airplane and aiming it at the target. The velocity aircraft rockets was marginal at that time 650 km/h. Knock it down was almost impossible. According to the plans steewhom the command was intended to produce 600 of these aviaunit to destroy the entire US fleet.

Divine thunder

to Die for an idea must be beautiful. Therefore, the Japanese operation to bomb the U.S. Navy aircraft-missiles called “Divine thunder”. However, “first thunder”, rumbled on empty. Aircraft carriers with attached “cherry flowers” weight 2140 kg was able to approach the American ships, only about 100 km, and was then attacked by enemy fighters. All aircraft missiles fell into the sea. Next time when approaching a US Navy “Eye” was separated from the carrier aircraft planned, then turn on the engine and the pilot guided aircraft missile at the target. And before the flight from kamikaze cynically demanded not to close their eyes to the very end, not to miss. The most famous operation “Oka” occurred on April 12, 1945. During the attack the aircraft-missiles were sunk several landing craft and two destroyers.

Since then, the Americans significantly reinforced their defenses. Their fire became so dense that aircraft carriers could not approach the Americans closer than 70 km, which is the minimum possible distance for the use of aircraft-missiles. Besides, it turned out that the “Eye” is often a nose Packed with explosives outweighs the tail and they went into a nosedive, falling into the water before reaching the intended target. All the years of the war it produced 852 aircraft missiles. The latest model already had jet engines, but it still did not solve the problems of approaching aircraft carriers on necessary for the application of the “Eye” distance and an outweighing of the nose.

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