Many of us at least once in their life sat on a diet (not always successfully). Someone diet brought pleasure, and someone happily exhaled after a week and returned to a normal lifestyle. But there are people that follow a certain lifestyle and type of food. Novosibirets Alexey cabin is one of these. He has 10 years adheres to adheres to syroedstve and vegetarianism. Published author of the column.

10 years ago, I came to the raw food diet. Guests came across the booklet, opened to see, and the first phrase is this: “wouldn’t it be nice if our medicine was right…”. Took to read, and this book has changed my life. There are very structured has been laid out many of the issues that I was interested in, including about the food. It was so clearly painted as alcohol, meat and all fried, smoked a destructive effect on the body, I decided to abandon these products. This was the first step on the path to raw food.