As CIA chief Allen DULLES planned to defeat the USSR

History 18/01/20 Allen Dalleska CIA chief Allen DULLES planned to defeat the USSR CIA Operation “Split”

After scoring the Harry Truman doctrine of March 13, 1947, in which he voiced the main threat posed by totalitarian regimes and called for a policy of “containment” of the USSR around the world, the White house, the need arose to reform the special services. From 1942 to 1945-th year in the US there was the Office of strategic services (OSS). After its closure, the need emerged to reform. The idea of the OSS of the new Agency belonged to the famous spy Allen DULLES. His idea was to reform new structures inherited the functionality of the OSS, but with a wider range of tasks. In addition, Allen DULLES wanted over the head of the CIA was only the President of the United States, thus DULLES was hoping for a permanent direct contact with the President without intermediaries. However, this idea is not to everyone’s liking, and a number of senior military saw the situation differently. They initiated the creation of the office would be located between the head of the CIA and the President. This structure will be called the national security Council (hereafter NSC). His goal was the solution of the most important issues of national security, foreign policy and coordinating the work of all key agencies in these areas. In addition, the NSS will serve as the main centre for military strategic planning and the CIA would be subordinate to this body. The functions of the CIA included the collection and analysis of intelligence information, coordination of the network of agents abroad and the execution of military special operations.

Thus, on the basis of the national security act of September 18, 1947, the U.S. will be created by the NSC and the CIA. And the idea of the military generals of the Ministry of defense to take control of the CIA will be declared successful.

the Role of SNB in the anti-Soviet militarym planning

the First NSC will be 18 August 1948 under the name of NSC 20/1. It formulated the main goal:
1. To minimize the power and influence of Moscow;
2. To carry out fundamental changes in the theory and practice of foreign policy adopted by the government, standing in power in Russia.”

the NSS provided a complete capitulation of the USSR. The American leadership has set a goal the overthrow of Soviet power, including military methods. In addition, the U.S. government has stated that it refuses to take any responsibility and think about the consequences that will lead to the destruction of the Soviet Union.

the Us strategists were ready to go for subversive activities against the Soviet Union, which in cold blood was recognized a state policy. All methods were reduced to various subversive action to overthrow the socialist system in the USSR.

23 November 1948 will see the light of NSC 20/4. The main provisions of it is repeated after the preceding Directive, however, had an adjustment, which at the moment of the Soviet Union represents the highest degree of threat to U.S. national security.

On the basis of this Directive was a planned military strike on the territory of the USSR of April 1, 1949. Count Soviet casualties after a nuclear bombing would have amounted to 4 million people. However, the plan was sent back for revision, due to what he called “Trojan”. In accordance with the plan date of the bombing had on January 1, 1950. According to the document, the bombing was carried out 300 nuclear warheads and 20,000 tons of conventional bombs on the objects 100 Soviet cities. However, the test of a Soviet Union nuclear weapon on 29 August 1949 put an end to the insidious plans of the White house. But there were other NSC.

the Plan “dropshot”

the Plan “dropshot” was the continuation of the plan of the Trojan, but was planned on 1 January 1957. It was assumed that together with the United States will make the country’s Bloka NATO and non-aligned allies in the Middle East. It was scheduled to reset on the territory of Soviet Russia more than 300 atomic bombs and 250,000 tons of conventional, presumably destroying 85% of Soviet industry. The ground forces of the coalition were supposed to be 6 million people, and in total the military intervention against our country had to take part of 20 million people. The number of victims among the Soviet population had to be of the order of 45 million people. However, this plan was never implemented.

Why such plans were not implemented? The first reason is that the Soviet Union nuclear weapons and the second is too wide the length of the Soviet territory, which would not allow the United States to strike a devastating blow to the entire territory of a competitor.

CIA Operation “Split”

About “Schism” as one of the most secretive in detail in the book by a British journalist Stewart Steven “Operation “Split””.

the Main Director and producer of the RAID was Allen DULLES. The concept of the operation was to misinformation Moscow for the fact that the highest party leaders of Eastern Europe cooperate with British and American intelligence. The main figure in this operation was Noel field – the diplomat and the scout, who previously worked for Soviet intelligence and was an ardent Communist. It is to his discredit and arrest in Czechoslovakia in 1949, will lead to a series of mass repressions among senior officials of the Communist party in Eastern Europe. Task A. DULLES was to sow division in the Moscow-controlled territory and to undermine the name of I. V. Stalin. The result of this operation will hurt a lot as ardent devotees of the Communist ideology and liberal-directed, which tended to maneuver between the two superpowers. But this operation was considered a failure, as the Soviet intelligence agencies have identified key information about the nature of the operation conducted by the CIA. The main person involved N. Field will be released with his family in 1954, but Moscow’s control over Eastern Europe will only intensify.

At the forefront in the cold war came the information-psychological method of dealing. He will be leading in the coming decades. Main task will be to serve as a smooth change of social consciousness in the socialist countries.

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