As beer is associated with syncope and whether it is possible to poison the water? Understand that drinking in the heat

With the onset of hot days discordant ranks line up to the beer. How else to escape from the sun, if not beer? And now after a week, you can justify a bout against thirst and heartless weather. But alcohol and heat are not best friends. Make up a bar menu this summer, along with sommelier. Look at what you will be, along with the doctors.

Beer — Hey, easy!

With the popularity of the drink in the heat can be compared only to that of Claudia Schiffer in its best years. Ask every second. It seems that everything is simple: you take a colder, lighter and easier. But we are not looking for easy ways! Beer range is dazzled, and in the heat of the eyes in General can darken, if long stay in a stuffy store. Therefore, we take what we need in the first place. And we need in hot conditions, varieties such as Berliner Weiss, sour, classical vaisey, the Weiss, vituri, lambics and lagers. Added to the vocabulary? Explain on the fingers.