As a Jew became the main tattoo artist

History 16/01/20 As a Jew became the main tattoo artist “Auschwitz”

About Lala and his beloved Gita told an Australian writer Khazer Morris in the book “the Tattoo artist from Auschwitz”. The novel is based on stories of Lale Sokolova, through whose hands passed thousands of prisoners one of the worst Nazi camps. And on the forearm of each main tatowier Auschwitz left the room, now prisoner had to wear instead of the name.

number 32407

a Tattoo with that number struck at hand the Lale French scientist Pepin, when he was in Auschwitz. The other fate of a young man and was not expecting – after all, he was from a Jewish family and then still bore the name of Ludwig Eisenberg. When in the spring of 1942, the Nazis came into his town Slovak, Ludwig offered yourself as a handyman – so he hoped to save his family. In the camp he was initially engaged in the construction of the barracks, and after ill with typhoid fever, was to adopt a French tattoo artist. When Pepin disappeared, that Ludwig began to perform the functions of his “teacher”.

No Inmate 34902

Having a position and an improved rations, Lale became a half-step farther from death than the rest of the camp prisoners. Every day he has numbered the tens and hundreds of accidents, which was chosen by Mengele for his experiments. Among them were many twins over that, Lenid Mlechin says in the book “the Twins in the arms of the angel of death” hell’s doctor was particularly fond of experiments. Once Lala had put a number on the fragile hand emaciated and has lost all interest in life of the prisoner, once bore the name of Gita. In his memoirs, it was then that these five numbers forever imprinted in his heart.

All the forces of the tattooist tried to help the girl, passing her through a security officer letter and extra rations. He got to the Gita was transferred to lighter work, and was even able to meet secretly with her at the barracks. This continued for some time, but in 1945, when Soviet troops approached the camp, he began to evacuate prisoners. Favorite girl Lala didn’t know anything about her besides her name Gita Furmanova once disappeared.

Postwar life

as soon as he returned home after the war, Lale went in search of his beloved and found her completely by accident: the girl was in a red cross camp near Bratislava. In October 1945, Lale and Geeta got married and took the name Sokolov family, to live in the socialist Czechoslovakia. Later, Lala was accused of Zionism and fled the country, settling with his family – after a bit of wandering in Australia.

the Story of his love Lale and Gita kept secret. Didn’t even know their son Gary, born in 1961. Only after the death of his wife, the former Auschwitz tattoo artist has decided to tell about his life living near the writer Heather Morris. Three years of weekly meetings and thousands of pages of memoirs became the basis for the history that we know now.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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