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History 08/02/20 As “Boy” at the parade threw Marshal Zhukov

a Remarkable story about the fall of the Marshal really happened at the parade in Sverdlovsk. But the usual story over time has acquired a variety of details.

Wanted to humiliate

local historians, adherents of the glorification of Georgy Zhukov, firmly defend this version – with an ulterior motive under Zhukov then “broke” horse, rigged it was. Anatoly Voitenko, for example, was sure to create “an artificial situation”: Zhukov, in his opinion, deliberately and purposefully hunted, wanted in this way to humiliate. However, in the real Ural biography of Georgy Zhukov a lot more prose than poetry.

the Boy dropped the

Zhukov actually at the may day parade of 1951 in Sverdlovsk was thrown by a stallion Boy. Marshall fell. Voitenko says that were to blame for the flash newspaper reporter: a frightened horse bucked and knocked over Marshall. There is an opinion of certain historians (in particular, voiced in his articles Vladimir Gladyshev) that the horse under Zhukov “slipped” and Marshall managed to jump off with the Boy.

But, according to archival documents, “the situation was quickly straightened out”. It happened in the may day. Recovered beetles immediately straddled the Boy and continued to welcome the parade. Targetbase people to fall did not pay attention.

As Zhukov himself was thinking about that

Marshall is known to have been his memoirs “Reminiscences and reflections”, released in 1969, reprinted several times and edited in the sake of time. Beetles in them no word of his fall.

In Sverdlovsk “link” disgraced Marshal Georgy Zhukov spent 5 years. About how he at this time commanded the Ural military district, Zhukov chose not to remember. A significant drop, according to eyewitnesses, looked like this: during the may day parade, hosted by bugs, camera flash photagrafa Ivan Paskevich blinded the Boy, on which sat the Marshal, and the horse threw him. The photographer was detained and took film pictures of the fall of Zhukov is not preserved. But those who, he during a parade in Sverdlovsk, on horseback, is – Pashkevich had to remove Georgy Zhukov in different angles.

the Incident in no way affected the authority of Zhukov – in Sverdlovsk loved. In 5 years of “exile”, he managed to meet with many famous people, particularly with Pavel Bazhov.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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