Arkady Gaidar: why famous writer was treated in a psychiatric clinic

Biography 19/12/19 Arkady Gaidar: why famous writer was treated in a psychiatric clinic

There are many publications about famous Soviet children’s writer Arkady Gaidar as the man is mentally sick and has almost maniacal tendencies, pathologically violent personality.
However, historians working with documents, in particular, with the history of Gaidar, saying that no manic-depressive psychosis he was not.

What he suffered?

a Biographer of A. Gaidar writer Boris Kayumov, citing the official findings of the military-medical Commission, komisova battalion of the red army, provides data on the traumatic neurosis was exactly the diagnosis was Gaidar, dismissed from the red Army. Supposedly, according to the Gaidar during one of the battles near the shell exploded, the shock wave threw him from his horse, and Gaidar fell hard on the ground with his back and head, received a concussion, a bruised spine.
According to various sources, the disease manifested in private moods (from sudden anger to apathy), headaches began to manifest itself during the campaign against the whites in Siberia (according to the testimony of Gaidar). Boris Kayumov in an interview with “Medical newspaper” claimed that the incidents began after 1922, when the writer was the reserve.
it Should be noted that to komissovaniya Gaidar against him (then Golikova; pen name he took later) opened a criminal case on charges of unnecessary cruelty to suspects in countering the red army – he allegedly shot unjustly arrested people. But then the matter was hushed up and serious punishment Golikov has not suffered.

What is a “traumatic neurosis”?

well-Known Russian psychiatrist Ivan Filimonov in the book “Traumatic neurosis: based on the war of 1914 – 1918”, published in the second halfolivine 20 years, wrote that it was “a psychogenic condition.” In psychiatry of that time did not exist a truly effective means and methods for the treatment of this disease. This fact was also confirmed by Gaidar himself in his diaries, indicating that his mental illness are treated “with horse doses of insulin” from which many patients lose consciousness (he’s never lost) – doctors have used this method of shock therapy.
traumatic neurosis spazmiruyutsya blood vessels of the brain, the hemispheres decreases blood flow, and the patient feels a severe headache. Neurosis can manifest itself in the fact that the patient begins to slurred, denied his feet (it was Gaidar).

As Gaidar struggled with the illness?

According to Boris Kayumov, traumatic neurosis does not affect the mental abilities of the patient is confirmed by numerous documentary evidence, painstakingly collected by the biographer of Gaidar for so many years. Kayumov says that none who knew the writer crazy or stupid it was not considered did not show it during attacks and aggression (although there are other points of view, opposite).
However, Gaidar struggled with severe headaches in an original way – cut themselves with a razor, trying another pain to cover the existing ones. In any case, the explanation with reference to memories of home brought the grandson of the writer Egor Gaydar. In addition, Gaidar during bouts of drinking, and trying this way to expand the blood vessels and, as was confirmed by his grandson, may have relapsed on a binge.
psychiatric hospitals Arkady Gaidar was treated several times, and on the evidence of Boris Kayumov, every time I went to the hospitalization alone, without medical support – when I realized that most with the headaches to deal with. It is known that Gaidar was treated by the capital’s renowned psychiatrist Dr. Akim Edelstein. The writer has been diary entries, including time and flow BoLazne, at the request of the attending physician. One of them suggests that the writer “… dreamed of people killed [them] a child.”

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