APS: why did the Soviet military did not like the Stechkin pistol

Weapons 28/12/19 APS: why did the Soviet military did not like the gun Stechkin

the history of the use of the automatic pistol Stechkin (APS) contradictory – on the one hand, it is much more powerful than classic PM and is popular in the special forces, on the other – in the army about him formed the opinion as the weapon impractical in combat conditions.

he could Not stand competition?

According to reserve Colonel, candidate of military Sciences Alexander Blagovestov, entered service in the Soviet army in late 1951, the APS could not stand in competition, largely initiated “from above” – supposedly military commanders on the orders “from the center” has begun active search of the shortcomings of the automatic pistol Stechkin. This weapon was called too bulky for the pistol and impractical for firing bursts, and quickly shoot a single because of the features of the device arm had to get used to.

in addition, among the disadvantages of APS noted the discomfort when wearing it (apart from the holster to the gun is attached to four 20-ammunition clips). It was thought that a pistol is more convenient in field conditions (in APS used the same cartridge as in PM), and shooting in combat conditions – it is rather a function of the machine, rather than a gun.

For these and other reasons, after only 7 years after adopting the APS was discontinued, but continued to be used in separate military units of the KGB and the GRU.

This is not a submachine gun

the Author of the magazine “Arms” Yuri Vasiliev, who, as he claims, had the experience of using APS in Afghanistan, said these and other shortcomings of the automatic pistol Stechkin, to prevent its use in the army. In particular, wide and thick handle, which is double row MAG with 20 rounds. With “Makarov”, emphasizes Vasiliev, the fingers of one hand, you can work with guard and trigger , whereas in the “Stechkin” to cock the trigger and change the position of the fuse, you will need to act with both hands, in terms of fire – losing extra seconds.

compared with the PM firing of APS, said Yury Vasilyev, leads to greater fatigue of the hand (impact dimensions and the weight of “Stechkin”), which ultimately affects the accuracy. Moreover, the performance characteristics Vasilyev believes much too high. Rate of fire “Stechkin” (700 – 750 rounds per minute), says an expert on weapons, rather a disadvantage than an advantage in the fight for a few seconds emptied the store, the fighter may not be able to reload the gun. A relatively large number of cartridges is a plus for APS, but, as practice shows, it is important to hit the target with 1-2 shots, or the rest of the rounds in the magazine is not required – the arrow will withdraw from the system.

According to Vasilyeva, APS did not meet expectations as a standalone weapon, submachine gun, to which is fastened a wooden butt: in modern army, this is still a task for the machine, not gun, even such powerful as “Stechkin” – bullet cartridge PM still does not break even a slight shelter, not to mention the vests.

in addition, the APS strongly unmasked officers – his massive size was immediately noticeable, and the owner of “Stechkin” immediately become a prey to the enemy, especially for snipers. Vasilev believes that the APS did not possess the characteristics required for the pistol as an additional (to the machine) of weapons – first and foremost, compactness, yielding the PM.

Silent variant of the APS: why criticize him too?

Claim to APB (automatic pistol silent, modification of “Stechkin”) are the same as for APS – larger, inconvenient to carry and placement. These characteristics gives it the same expert Yury Vasiliev. In his opinion, any advantages over the other noiseless pistol (for example, Makarov PB-derjaguin) in APB no. Maintenance of automatic fireI’m from the “Stechkin” with a silencer and is impractical – actually silent because of the clank of the slide is not.

according to Vasilyev, popular with special forces and APB APS mainly because it is possible to use a cartridge of PM – if by “Stechkin” was being issued a separate munition, it would be another disadvantage for the automatic pistol. The fact that at the time the APS was replaced by the AKS-74U, experts have called the right decision – this version of the “Kalashnikov” is more effective in a melee than any gun.

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