AOC stated that capitalism is not the same as free markets.

Progressive House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez stated this week that capitalism is not a “redeemable system” and that it is “pursuit for profit at all costs”.

“I believe that in a wide sense because when you toss out big words like capitalism, socialism they get sensationalized,” said the New York Democrat to Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer during the latest episode of his Influencers show. They are often misinterpreted by people. Capitalism at its core is, to me, the pursuit of profit at any human, environmental or social cost. This is the real topic.

Ocasio-Cortez is a member Democratic Socialists America. She said that only a small number of capitalists control all important areas of American life.

Ocasio Cortez stated, “They can control our labor.” They can also control large markets and can take over governments. They can effectively have power over many. That is not a good system to be able participate in for the benefit and peace of the vast majority.

Ocasio Cortez praised “alternative ways to do business” and stated that “free markets aren’t the same thing as capitalism.”

Ocasio Cortez stated that markets can be created where the production, trading and selling of goods is controlled. “People get a fair shake. All of these are steps and levels in an equitable economy.

Ocasio-Cortez also reiterated her call to prohibit members of Congress buying or selling stocks during the interview.

Ocasio Cortez stated, “It’s not really my mystery why it’s so difficult to pass.” “I would not be surprised if a majority of Congress members trade individual stock.
Ocasio-Cortez stated that Facebook should be dismantled when she was asked about 
tech giant Facebook.
Ocasio Cortez stated that “Facebook should not be allowed to exist.” We should investigate antitrust activities on Facebook. There are many reasons for this. 
They act as an advertiser. They act as both a vendor and a platform. They act as a communications platform which is a domain that has been well-established in antitrust. Because they include many industries and businesses, it is clear why they should be subjected to antitrust activity.