Once again there was an incident in a Berlin swimming pool with unruly visitors and a subsequent police operation. On Sunday evening, a large group of young people stormed the diving tower in the Olympiabad in Westend, said a spokesman for the baths on Monday. The police had to be alerted and the pool closed.

About 50 people were involved around 7 p.m., it said. The action may have been planned and started with a flash mob. It all seemed very sudden and very controlled, the spokesman said. The outdoor pool was already a bit empty at this time. The police were initially unable to say how many police officers were deployed and whether there were any arrests.

In addition, the ticket office in Neukölln’s Columbiabad was broken into on Monday night. The burglars apparently tried to break into a safe, but they were unsuccessful, the spokesman said. However, they caused serious damage that had to be repaired on Monday, so that the bath could only open later.

In the course of the summer, three major incidents in which the police had to intervene in open-air swimming pools became known.

In the Bad am Insulaner in Steglitz and in the Neukölln Columbiabad, violent riots had arisen from minor quarrels between young people and young men. Security guards had to intervene, and eventually a larger police force arrived.