Another death from the coronavirus and 138 penalties for violation of mask mode: a chronicle of events for the day

on Monday, June 1, it became known that in the Novosibirsk region has died another man with a coronavirus. It is reported oberstab.

in Total, the region recorded 2914 cases of coronavirus infection, including 176 children. 1129 people recovered, 33 patients died.

What occurred in the city per day:

operational headquarters reported new cases of coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region. The day was 105 patients.
for water bodies 27 Jun want to tighten control. This is due to the fact that this day will be prom;
Novosibirsk began to receive payments for children aged 3 to 16 years. Such payment in early may appointed Russian President Vladimir Putin. Novosibirsk have already started to talk about what steel to 10 thousand.
the Central district court in Novosibirsk today, June 1, will consider the administrative case against participants of the controversial party in the center of the city. It is planned to make decisions on eight cases, three of them have already been considered;
Monday,June 1, at the Novosibirsk tram No. 18 was a conflict over the passenger, who did not want to wear a mask. The girl went to the tram stop Blucher with his mask. As public transport in Novosibirsk have forbidden to serve passengers without masks, trams further along the route did not go;
citizens from other regions of Russia, which arrive in Novosibirsk, will no longer be sent to compulsory isolation. This decision was approved on June 1 the session of the government of the region;
the CPS softened “coronavirus” requirements for cafes and restaurants. First it was assumed that the work permit they will get gradually, but the new recommendations of the office no previous restrictions;
Russia has registered the first drug for the treatment COVID-19: it acts directly on the coronavirus, unlike those medicines that were used before. Drug “Aviewer” will go to the hospital on June 11, the same day the doctors will start egabout to apply;
in the city of Novosibirsk, said the number of people who are prosecuted for the violation of the regulations on compulsory wearing of masks;
the CPS has published guidelines for working during the spread of coronavirus to hotels, Inns, tourist camps and other places of temporary stay.

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