Ex-Federal Minister for Family Affairs Anne Spiegel (Greens) billed around 700 euros in tax money for her trip to the flood-damaged Ahr Valley during her vacation when she was Minister of the Environment in Mainz. This emerges from a response published on Tuesday evening by today’s Rhineland-Palatinate Environment Minister Katrin Eder (Greens) to a request from the CDU in the Mainz state parliament.

Spiegel had interrupted her four-week family vacation to southern France shortly after the Ahr flood with 134 dead to visit the Ahr valley on August 10 last year. You have informed yourself in the disaster area about the situation of the residents, destruction, clean-up work, needed help and a special measuring program for water pollution.

According to Eder, a total of 701.30 euros in tax money was billed for Spiegel’s train and taxi rides from southern France to Germany and back. The responsible department in the Ministry of the Environment in Mainz took care of booking the trip, it said.