Found Annalina Vandenborn (6), which is independent of the steps, in the following school year to enter first grade in the elementary school, Dr. Jozef Weyns. The room is located on the first floor. Her parents, the school, and several retailers will collect, therefore, to raise funds for an elevator (lift). They have around 26,000 euro.

Due to a lack of oxygen in the child’s life and Annalina has trouble with steps. For her to travel, she is using a wheelchair or crutches. The girl is the third kindergarten class at the primary school ” Dr. Jozef Weyns. So far, she is easy in her class to achieve, because the kindergarten classes are located on the ground floor. “Is that all the classes of the primary school, on the first floor, is a problem for Annalina. They can do the same thing,” says mum, Ann Smith, who was on the school board, asked for a lift to install it. A company came to the site to see where in the building the installation of an elevator, as is possible. The total cost is estimated to be around 26,000 euros. “To receive subsidies from the government, we don’t have to. The reasoning behind this is that the school is perfect, on the first floor of a classroom, you can decorate the front of the class of Annalina. That’s true, but then you have to Annalina and her classmates from year to year in the same room, a floor below the other classes in the school. Here I am, just as the school board, not in favor of it.”