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These are big footsteps that Ángel Trinidad will soon be following. The Spaniard was signed by the BR Volleys as a setter for the coming season. He should fill the gap left by world-class player Sergej Grankin when he left. But the 29-year-old doesn’t sound insecure or reserved on the phone with a view to his future challenge, but rather confident. “Who was before me doesn’t change anything for me. My job remains the same: work hard and win titles.” And he already has experience in this: he has won the league and cup several times in Belgium and he can also boast a number of successes with the French top club Tours Volleyball.

Trinidad didn’t start playing volleyball until he was 14, “quite late,” as he puts it. Just two years later he was accepted into the national team and meanwhile he has played for top European clubs in Italy, Belgium, France and Poland. “I got to know different types of volleyball. In Belgium, for example, volleyball is totally different from Italy or Poland.”

He particularly liked Warsaw, where there was always something to do and something to do. “I like big cities.”

He also goes to a big city after the summer, which he spends with his family in Córdoba, a city in southern Spain where his wife also lives. “It started about a month ago,” says Trinidad. His manager informed him that there might be a chance to move to Berlin. “I was very happy there.”

The Spaniard played for the then Bundesliga club Bühl in 2014 and was impressed by the games in the capital. “The city is really great, the hall is beautiful and the spectators are incredible. I’m really happy to get this chance.”

Volleys Managing Director Kaweh Niroomand is also happy about the new signing: “He has always been our focus because he also has international qualities. However, we were relatively late, because the player carousel started shortly after Christmas and good players in particular are rare internationally.”

He is all the more pleased to have found a player who meets all the requirements: “Spanish feel for the ball, strong serve and good pass, a complete player.”

Before he moves to Berlin, Trinidad wants to do a little research on which sights are a must-see. His new teammate Marek Sotola, with whom he is already in contact, or Nehemiah Mote, whom he knows from his time in Bühl, could also help him.

But he is particularly looking forward to the smaller cinemas, where films are shown in their original language. “That’s what I miss the most when I’m not in Spain: the cinemas,” says Trinidad. “I just love going to the cinema – mainly because of the popcorn.” In his spare time he even cuts small films himself and deals with photography.

He hopes that Benjamin Patch, who has left Volleys but remains in Berlin, can teach him something. A separate photo calendar, like the one released in Patch last year, is still a size too big, says Trinidad and laughs.

Trinidad has so far been reluctant to set sporting goals: “When you move to a new club, everyone always asks what your expectations are. But I like to concentrate day by day and then we’ll see at the end of the season.” The Volleys are keen to win the cup this time after being eliminated twice before the final, so Trinidad’s cup experience could still be an important help.