Andrew Garfield shares his feelings of grief and gratitude following the death of his mother Lynn to cancer. On TODAY, the “Tick Tick… Boom!” singer spoke out about his mother.

Andrew Garfield lost his mother, Lynn, to pancreatic cancer shortly before filming began for his new film. Since then, Garfield has dedicated his performance in “Tick, Tick…Boom!” to Lynn.

It seemed a fitting gesture because, as he explained to TODAY Monday, Lynn’s career is a shining example.

The 38-year old recalled what his mother had said to him when he was still struggling to find his way in life.

She never forced him to choose a practical career.

Garfield spoke of his early years as an athlete and then gave up. “I was studying academics, and I couldn’t connect to the things being presented to me in this type of provincial place that my family was raised in, the south of England. It was she who saw my struggle and suggested that you try something creative.

He did it.

He said, “I tried clay molding and I wasn’t very good.” “I tried painting, but I was not very good.” I tried music, and it was okay. Then, I gave up on theater. She hung in there with us and was the first to guide me down that path. I am forever grateful to her.”

His love for her is as strong.

Tony winner, “Grace is unexpressed love.” The Tony winner stated that grief was for her. She said that it was “for me, grief” and that she would never be able express the love she has for her mother, or the gratitude that she gave to him. It’s a never-ending thing.

This gratitude is a sign that he will continue to sing her praises.

He said, “It’s almost like we all leave this world with an unfinished song,” to TODAY anchors Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb. “No matter how much we put out of our song, it’s never going be complete. It was the same with my mother.”

He feels he has had the opportunity to speak up for her and dedicates his performance in “Tick, Tick…Boom!” — a musical drama based upon the life of Jonathan Larson, a composer and playwright — in her honour.

He said, “I get to keep singing her song in my life, but I also get to do it through Jon’s unfinished song.” “For all of you, I just –I feel very, very fortunate.”

“Tick Tick Boom!” is now in theaters and will be streaming on Netflix this Friday .