Anatoly Lokot said when they will open a kindergarten in the residential area

Wednesday, July 29, it became known that a new kindergarten in the residential area “Sunrise” will be completed in 2021. It is erected on the site of the old kindergarten on the street Nov 9, 49. Now places in it will be significantly more than in the previous preschool, — 265.

the kindergarten-nursery is planned to open in September next year.

— We pay special attention to the construction and reconstruction of social facilities in the Oktyabrsky district, because here the most tense situation with places in schools and kindergartens among all the districts of Novosibirsk. The district is actively constructed, develops, a growing number of people, kids are getting bigger. But every year we increase the number of input places. This year we plan to issue more than 20 thousand of permits in kindergartens, more than in previous years. Our task — to close the deficit of places in preschool institutions of the city of Novosibirsk. The city Council together with the government of the Novosibirsk region will seek opportunities to increase volumes of construction of kindergartens to the amount annually of input places is not reduced. By the end of 2020 in Novosibirsk will be put into operation 11 kindergartens, — said the mayor Anatoly Elbow.