Celebrities, as An old interview from 1998, Jennifer Lopez (50) verlegenheid.De world star is for years known to be a class in los angeles, but during the course of the conversation, that of 21 years ago, it took them very, very, very bright, with its famous counterparts. Especially as Madonna, Cameron Diaz, enGwyneth Paltrow gave it a hard time of it.

Lopez, who is currently playing the leading part in ‘Hustlers’, was set up in 1998 as the money-Latin-actress of the year for her performance in ‘Out of Sight’. She became more and more popular, but apparently it was the state that J. Lo is floating in the air. Because eeninterview with Movieline, and that it is only now, on the surface, and cursed them in her well-known colleagues, who are also trying to make it in Hollywood.

Although Jennifer admitted that she was “in the bottom of the “A list” of celebrities it had reached me, Said the interview should be, how it could happen that some of the other stars were ever allowed to in the industry.Such as Cameron Diaz ,which is due to Her “as a bofkont dieveel opportunity has been given” has been mentioned. “You know, I wish just that they were there for longer had to do”, she continued. It was, however, J. Lo and even some of the praise for the film. “It’s beautiful, and has a presence in, and when I saw her act in “My Best Friend’s Wedding’ I thought to myself:” If they are to be controlled, it can still be good.’”

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