Factory Bloemiste Els Vuylsteke, it was many of the litter in her village, Keiem, thoroughly fed up. In order to emphasise a tape, they have a cart full of cans, and a clear message. And that has arrived because the Els is much cleaner.

“I just launched for the summer season calls for cans, of which the villagers were out along the graskant for me to get in,” says Els. “It wasn’t long before I had taken a mountain of waste, and that I can be creative and get to work. The car is an old Daf truck that I am of a friendly car dealer to me. The people here have, so again geraapt in order to participate in the project. This means that they are aware of the problem. With all the cans I have now, literally and figuratively, and is a true eye-catcher made of. The car is at the cemetery with the approval of the mayor Lies Laridon. “We are saying no to junk and yes to a clean sidewalk in front, is the message that I want to teach. They have also attracted the attention, and most importantly, it’s a lot cleaner now, in Keiem. I have put on it do not bin for or else we’re back to square one. It is the intention of the people to have their waste and take it home with you.”