An American agent has filed a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department in the state of Missouri and won the game. He will receive a compensation from the 19.9 million dollars (or approximately 17.9 million euro), since he was the victim of discrimination in the workplace. The result was that he, among others, “he homogedrag had to decline as he was ever likely to make in to a higher position.

by Keith Wildhaber in 2017, filed a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department, Saint-Louis, in the state of Missouri, after he has been discriminated against in the workplace. The man explained to him several times, and was asked to “homogedrag to reduce it”. Otherwise, he would never have been promoted to be, as was the statement by the chief of police.In addition, Wildhaber intimidated by the politiehoofd, when he made his plans known in order to report the incident. A witness confirmed to the court that the conditions in the police force.

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The agent will receive 1.9 million dollars (or approximately € 1.7 million) in compensation for the discrimination and $ 1 million ($0.9 million) in compensation for the harassment. In addition, the corps still has to pay a fine of usd 17 million (eur 15.3 million).The court, with the civil penalty, to make it clear that discrimination will not go unpunished and can continue to be. “If you want this country to discriminate, you have to pay the person a very high price,” was, in the court of law.

The force leave a comment in the new members of the board of directors wants to add to it. “Our police department needs to be a place where each and every member of the community with respect and dignity and to be treated. Employees should be promotion according to merit”, she said. “Everyone should feel welcome to be with us. The organization should be from the top to the bottom, under the microscope can be taken.”