American who fought for Khattab: how the terrorist was a CIA agent

History 06/02/20 American who fought for Khattab: how a terrorist became an agent of the CIA

a Native of Hawaii Aukai Collins were followers of radical Islam, he believed that even Osama bin Laden too “spineless” in dealing with “infidels.” Islamic radicalism did not stop one of the most brutal mercenaries of the First Chechen campaign to cooperate with us intelligence agencies.

Of the bandits in “Orthodox”

According to the newspaper “Izvestia” and the First channel, Aukai Collins was born in 1974 in Hawaii, in a family professing Christianity. All of his education – 9th grade school. 15 years Collins as one of the members of the gang in San Diego was convicted and placed in prison, where spent several years. There he converted to Islam. The decision to become a Muslim Collins later told the New York Times reporter Amy Barrett: Islam allegedly brought the boy to his progressiveness. When Barrett asked the interviewee how the combination of the peacefulness of Islam and militant biography of Collins, the latter said today, “it is very hard to live in a world when there are groups of people willing to kill others because of their faith.” Therefore, the American believed his participation in the war work of the righteous.

What was he doing in Chechnya

According to some Western media, after his release from prison Aukai Collins went to Pakistan, where he joined the detachment of the Mujahideen. Then he was sent to the Afghan camp, “al-Qaeda”*. In 1995 – 1996 and in 1999 fought in Chechnya. It is known that during this period Collins was severely wounded, and his knee was amputated right leg, in pictures he is depicted with the prosthesis.

international Journalist of “Izvestia” Yevgeny Bai, one time specialized in USA, in 2002, came to Baltimore to interview Aukea Collins. Brokered Collins answered a few questions regarding his participation in the Chechen gangs. Collins fought under the command of Khattab, led in Chechnya by groups of foreign mercenaries (about 200 people, including 40 of the Arabs). Khattab, according to Collins, was subordinated to Shamil Basayev, whom the American volunteer is also personally knew. Collins himself said that the members of their group were hunter-killers, they always looked for a goal and sought to kill as many Russian soldiers. In his book, published in America in the early noughties, Aukai Collins describes in detail how he and his accomplices attacked the soldiers.

Journalists of the First channel in a news story about Collins noted: the degree of brutality of the radical was so outrageous that even Chechen fighters called him the crazy American.

There is information that in the late 90-ies of the Collins also fought in the Kosovo side of the Kosovo Albanians, about the American said in an interview with the New York Times.

Collaboration with intelligence agencies

In his book, Collins admits that he volunteered for contact with the CIA and the FBI in 1996, just after arriving from Chechnya. In 2002 he gave an interview to Fox News in which she explained the reasons for its cooperation with us intelligence agencies. Collins said that “he came” because “was concerned” about the terrorist attack in Egypt, when some people called the Islamic group that killed tourists.

Collins claimed he was in Arizona was in contact with the Arabs, who studied at courses of improvement of qualification of pilots and allegedly told the CIA that the intelligence agencies should pay these people attention group, according to the observations of Collins, studied piloting purposefully. What the Arabs needed this, American did not understand, but believed that the CIA should look closely to them. Aukai Collins told reporters that in the 90-ies informed us intelligence agencies about one of those “cadets” – Henie Gencore (September 11, 2001, he was among the 19 terrorists who hijacked four aircraft to commit terrorist acts). The FBI denied it, but said: “Collins has had some Affairs operatives of the Bureau, however, they will not describe the nature of these relations.” According to Fox News, the informant suggested to the FBI to arrange in the AZ educational items for terrorist training-“moles”. American intelligence agencies this information is not confirmed nor denied.

Recent years

Aukai Collins said in an interview with Fox News that, perhaps, would undertake the writing of the book “My Jihad,” published in 30 thousand copies, if the security services did not refuse from further cooperation with him – Collins was not against the continuation. A former member of the Chechen armed groups lectured to representatives of the FBI and the CIA, which, by his own admission, despised, was hired to catch fugitives. In 2003, Collins was arrested in one of the Mexican cities for the storage of weapons and ammunition (when it was rifle ammunition, more than a dozen grenades and night-vision goggles). More than two years, “the bounty hunter” spent in a local prison.

In Chechnya, Collins lived with stepsister bombers of Zulihan Aligadzhieva, blew themselves up in 2003 in Tushino rock festival. She gave birth to a daughter. Second daughter and son Collins born in another marriage. Collins died at age 42 from sepsis in the state of California, the third largest city in the County of San Diego Oceanside.

*the Organization is forbidden on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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