Ambush Sergiev Posad OMON: why the Podolsk riot police shot his 22 in Grozny

History 13/02/20 Ambush Sergiev Posad OMON: why the Podolsk riot police shot his 22 in Grozny

In the First Chechen war, Federal troops repeatedly opened fire. Not without tragedies and during counter-terrorism operations in the Caucasus, which began in 1999, popularly referred to as the Second Chechen company. The most notorious case of “friendly fire” was the death in the spring of 2000 22 fighters of Sergievo-Posadsky OMON.

the Clash

March 2, 2000, a convoy of OMON from Sergiev Posad on 11 vehicles (trucks and bus) drove up to Lincoln, which is already a month was controlled by Federal troops. Sergianopoulos had to change in the Chechen capital of his colleagues from Podolsk, Moscow region.

Being in the rear of Russian troops, the police were not expecting the attack, but suddenly, when they had entered the village of Podgornoye of the Staropromyslovsky district, around 10:00 the shooting started. A sniper bullet flew from the houses, killed the driver of the first “Ural”. In the ensuing battle there was firing from machine guns and rifles. Shots were fired from grenade launchers. 4 hours of the battle of the Sergiev Posad OMON suffered heavy losses: 17 people were killed and 31 (according to others, 57 people) were injured. Some of the victims burned in the “Ural” because of the burning body of fuel.

attempt to hide the

at First, the leadership of the interior Ministry “blamed” all the losses out an unidentified group of militants. This version was made in April at a meeting of the security Committee of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. It immediately seemed strange to the public: large groups of terrorists, according to the reports the military has already been pushed to the South of the Republic. Under pressure from the media and public officials recognized that fire sergianopoulos were OMON from Podolsk – the ones which they had to change the post.

today there are several versions of what happenedXia.

Version 1: the accident

According to the official findings of the investigation, the dead Riot police came under fire by pure chance. It turned out that the day before the incident was received operative information that a roadblock No. 53 in Grozny in the near future will try to break armed Chechens in a police uniform posing as subordinates Bislan gantamirova. In this case it was a pre-arranged ambush in the courtyards of houses Podgorny. Having landed sergianopoulos.

According to the rules, the trip of a column from Mozdok to Grozny have been accompanied by armored vehicles and helicopters – but none of this was not organized, so the feds recognize your find it difficult. First began to shoot staff Staropromyslovskiy police station and policemen from the Sverdlovsk region and the Podolsk Riot police got involved only when from the side of the column began to return fire.

Version 2: not divided “production”

In may 2000 in the newspaper “Kommersant”, without reference to the sources was the published version, according to which ambush was preceded by the conflict. Allegedly informed during the storming of Grozny sergievska the police pulled out of the ruins of houses a lot of valuable property. Podolski colleagues they share. Those holding a grudge, decided to retaliate. But trying to “scare” sergianopoulos turned into a real battle with great sacrifice.

Version 3. provocation Chechens

Finally, there is the assumption that the clash was organized by the Chechens. This version sticks to the widow of commander POSADSKOGO OMON Love Markelov, who published in 2017 book “Ambush”. According to described by the chronicle of events, 8 a.m. Chechen police illegally brought to the checkpoint, “a group of armed men”, which is located in 20-30 meters of dilapidated buildings. When the convoy arrived sergianopoulos, Chechen police said the Podolsk and Sverdlovsk policemen that approaching convoy, “militants.” These same militants had been lying in wait. They opened fire in both directions, hto provoke a firefight between the Russian. At least partially evil plan succeeded.

“participants in the battle, misguided and provoked by the militants and criminal elements embedded in the Chechen police shot the squad, taking them for Chechen fighters, but it didn’t last long until they realized that before them”, – wrote in 2017, the newspaper “kopek” (Sergiev Posad).


None of the three high police officials accused of negligence, suffered no real punishment. A criminal case against the Deputy commander of Podolsk OMON Igor Tikhonov was suspended because of his illness. And major-General Boris Fadeyev and Colonel Mikhail Levchenko in 2002 was sentenced to 4 years, but the same Amnesty. In 2007, their case was again considered by the Supreme court – the results of this process were not disclosed. As of 2013 Boris Fadeev was at liberty.

the Chechen militants involved in the attack, according to information announced by the Love Markelovoj in an interview with local TV, “Ragonese”, most of them already dead.

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