International football No Cristiano Ronaldo in the FIFA awards ceremony. There was someone else to take the test, you know. And you, the player, of The on the whole due to a Twitter post by the Portuguese national team. In addition, it was soccer star of the year: Megan Rapinoe, the impression with a clear-cut statement about racism and “the football”. Good old and He made the funniest moment of the night.

a Lot of beautiful people on the red carpet for the occasion, has a green carpet in Milan, italy. From lionel Messi to Switch to all star and saw it perfectly. They all are one of wereldvedette. Where was Cristiano Ronaldo? In any case, it is not at the FIFA gala. it Was pretty obvious from the beginning that Both Sides, with the top prize would have to go a little later in the evening confirmed this.During the speech, the Former could be the Twitterbeheerder of the Portuguese national team, it does not allow them to respond to it. “The best ever”, was to find a picture of GOAT. A short but powerful message.

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A ray of hope in an at times long-winded show. Jose Mourinho, the former manager of, amongst others, Man United, Real Madrid and Inter, was responsible for one of the most memorable moment of the evening. The tv presenter, Ilaria D’Amico – mate of Gianluigi Buffon -took sir alex ferguson to the podium for the coach of the year, to be announced. Prior to drew, D’amico a number of strange questions. So she started a club on another planet with a stervoetballers the reaction to sir alex ferguson was worth its weight in gold.

I was sir alex ferguson, with a twinkle in her eye, that he was the coach of that team. “FIFA will not allow the coach to two teams and coaches, so that must be it, someone like me, who is currently without a club. I am a person, grinned he. He left a rather awkward stage.

FIFA football player of the year, there is a statement

the People of the year. The Coaches, the team, etc. You know, a typical victory speech. But the soccer star of the year: Megan Rapinoe, made the most of her time on the stage of use to some of the problems in the football sense. Earlier also, the FIFA-president Infantino’s all about the racism of feminism. The 34-year-old American, who last summer’s world cup women’s football has won praises Raheem Sterling, attacking from Manchester City.

“He inspired me,” said Rapinoe, who is then at the Teatro all Scala in Milan, in a statement to the world of focusing. “Sterling isgeweldig on the field, but the way in which he used anti-racism struggles, I think, is admirable. It was in the past year, an Iranian woman who is herself in a fire to put out, because they don’t go to a football game for christmas. And to all of the gay players who want to play football and to fight against homophobia, and inspire me. But it makes me sad and disappointed.”

all The football star called on to address the issues in the game-to solve the problem. “If we really want to change something, I wouldn’t be particularly inspiring to find out if everyone is that angry, it would be racismeals Growth. And as excited would be to fight against homophobia and for equal rights for women. Every single person in this room has so many opportunities. So good luck and have a great platform. We have a lot of power. Through this sport, we can make the world a better place. I hope that you will do something about it.”

By this sport, we can make the world a better place. I hope that you are doing something”).

” Megan Rapinoe