The Champions League is Its strong development experienced last night is a definite highlight. Jeugdproduct Charles De Ketelaere, which is only 500 metres away from his home, a move was against PSG. The 18-year-old midfielder was preferred to Balanta and the Writers to make Is to replace it. “I have a long time to toegeleefd.” His debut was a success, and saw the French kwaliteitsmagazine in France Football. “One to keep an eye out.”

‘ Or to me, I don’t know.” From Charles De Ketelaere in the minute and 57 of the bank, came home, got the Club, but from 0 to 1 during the cretaceous. Afterwards a giant FOLLOWING on the home team. “We were only up to good at the game, but PSG have so many international stars walk around…” will be a successful debut for the blue-and-black-jeugdproduct. “It was very easy to get around. I can’t complain. I could have been a bit of tension, but that was the way in from the warm-up. I’ve got a long time to go living life, then it is good to get your uefa Champions League debut at home to be able to make.”