Die Feuerwehr löscht Glutnester. Die verheerenden Waldbrände in Brandenburg sind zwar weitgehend gelöscht, doch die Feuerwehr muss weiterhin noch zahlreiche Glutnester in den Brandgebieten bekämpfen. +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The forest fire damage in Brandenburg could be greater this year than in the hot year of 2018. “The number of fires to date (July 25) was 376, around 100 higher than at the same time in 2018,” said the deputy forest fire protection officer , Philipp Haase, the German Press Agency on Monday.

As of Monday, around 950 hectares of fire area have been registered. In 2018, 1,650 hectares of forest fell victim to the flames, as the Ministry of the Environment in Potsdam announced in response to a request from the AfD parliamentary group. According to the forest fire center, this was the highest value since 1990.

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“The decisive factor is whether we will have further major damage situations in the coming days and weeks,” emphasized Haase. The situation on the ammunition-loaded areas, where the fire-fighting crews could only be used to a limited extent for safety reasons, is still “problematic”. The wildfire season lasts until the end of September.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, a total of around 4,082 hectares of forest have been destroyed by fire in Brandenburg since 2018 until the beginning of July this year. This corresponds to an area of ​​2915 soccer fields.

According to the information, most forest fire damage in Brandenburg had occurred in the Teltow-Fläming district with 1580 hectares. In contrast, the poorly forested district of Prignitz has done relatively lightly with 5.7 hectares of tree damage since 2018.

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Forest owners can decide for themselves whether they want to reforest a burnt area with natural vegetation or with their own planting.