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Part of the new Russian helicopter Ka-52 in the operation in Syria has caused quite a stir in the American press: The National Interest, talking about the “Alligator,” called him “graceful” and “deadly”, as Business Insider began to compare the car with the American AH-64 Apache. In the Russian media bluntly spoke about the uniqueness of the helicopter. Is he really that good?

Glorious past

Ka-52 is a modified version of the Ka-50 “Black shark”. Predecessor was conceived in the Soviet era as a promising drum machine, designed to destroy armored vehicles and gun emplacements on the battlefield. It was assumed that he would succeed in the armed forces of Mi-24, the effectiveness of which in 1970 had questions.
But was there another reason in that period, the United States began developing and testing its famous AH-64 Apache, which later became almost the most popular and versatile machine in its class. Of course, the Soviet Union at the height of the arms race could not afford to have a geopolitical opponent, a helicopter appeared, superior to the capabilities of all competitors.

the Development of a “Soviet response” was entrusted to design Bureau “Kamov”. Perhaps this determined the ultimate success of the project: “knowzy” for a long time have created the marine helicopters, and beginning work on a new product, they decided to use their experience and build a machine with completely new concept. So the Ka-50 have the traditional EDO coaxial layout rotors first land helicopters. She, though, was more difficult to manufacture, gave the helicopter great stability and maneuverability – including the ability to rotate right and left 90 degrees.
“Black shark” from the other models featured and a system of catapultedia – this technology was first applied in the helicopter. True, the crew at the Ka-50 consisted of only one man: it was decided to abandon the weapons operator who had to replace the new complexes aiming.

as a result, developers get a machine, in many respects ahead of its time. But, as often happens, time itself to her was unfavorable. A fundamental decision about the mass production of the Ka-50 for the army was adopted in 1985, but the “Black shark” had to wait a decade before it was adopted into service. And not in the USSR, and in Russia.
intervened In the situation and financial difficulties. The armed forces were forced to stop work on the helicopter-the scout, which is designed for Ka-50 tactics was to implement the guidance. Instead, a complex of reconnaissance and target designation was moved to a new development – the Ka-52, which became a double.

the First flying prototype of the “Alligator” went up in the air a couple of years after the beginning of the operation “Black shark” in June 1997. After emphasis was placed on it, and Ka-50 were built in just 17 units.

That is done, all the best

however, the continuity of the Ka-52 was very high: according to some estimates, it reaches 85 percent of parts and assemblies. Yes, in the new model there was a place for two pilots, but the main features – coaxial arrangement of screws and the presence of catapults remained that made “alligator” first in the world serial combat helicopter with ejection system. In addition, the machine remained the same powerplant, rotor system, wing, empennage and tail and middle fuselage, made with wide application of composite materials.
the Main visual difference was a new front part with the double cab, but it, like its predecessor, was heavily armored. Still have the Ka-50 it provides protection against armor piercing bullets caliber to 12.7 mm and shrapnel projectile of a caliber of 23 millimeters. This factor, together with fully redundant between two members of the crew management system has turned the Ka-52 in the most protected helicopter in the world.

brand new from “Alligator” turned out to be electronics, and it had worked out several options for different avionics. The helicopter is equipped with the newest system of electronic protection and aiming. The highlight of the Ka-52 was the radar “Armlet” – dual-band coherent-pulse complex, which may at any time and under all weather conditions to detect a target at a distance up to ten kilometers, route and notify the Manager.
But arms “Alligator” is quite standard for a Russian attack helicopters. It consists of a movable gun mount calibre 2A42 30 mm, unguided rockets caliber 80 and 122 mm. However, in the conventional set has a “surprise” anti – tank missile system “Whirlwind”. His missiles can fly at supersonic speeds, allowing them to overcome four kilometers in nine seconds – that is almost two times faster than the American counterparts. This allows not only to reduce the vulnerability of the attack, but in one setting are more likely to destroy multiple targets.

have Ka-52 and modification of the shipborne Ka – 52K “Katran”. It uses more powerful missiles and radar equipment: range ATGM “Hermes” is equal to 15-100 km target detection range of the radar “Zhuk-A” – up to 200 kilometers.


a substantial advantage of the latest Russian attack helicopter quite eloquently and comparison of performance characteristics with the flagships of other armies.

for Example, the Ka-52 can carry up to 2800 kg payload, a maximum takeoff weight equal to 10.8 tons – comparable, but still lower only on the other the development of Russian Mi-28N.
Maximum speed “Alligator” 45 km/h more than the AH-64, a practical range of 40 kilometers. The real trump card of the Russian machine is a climb rate of 16 meters per second. The same Apache – only 12.3 meters per second. The only indicator that the Ka-52 is inferior to analogues – a practical ceiling flight. For the Alligator, this 5500 meters, while its competitors can fly at an altitude of over 6000 meters. But that advantage is unlikely to become smaller.

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