In the case of the knife attack at Hamm University, which injured four, the 34-year-old suspect was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. This was announced by the Dortmund police on Saturday. According to a psychiatric report, the investigators assume that the student was fully incapable or less responsible for the crime on Friday afternoon.

Prosecutor Henner Kruse said he suffered from fear of persecution and delusions. Only two days earlier he had attempted suicide and had therefore come to a psychiatric clinic. He released himself there on Friday afternoon.

The victims of the attacks on the Hamm campus of the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences are two female and one male student, all 22 years old. The fourth, seriously injured victim is a 30-year-old lecturer. According to the police, doctors assume that she will die.

“The 30-year-old is expected to die,” said Deputy Dortmund Police Commissioner Ralf Ziegler. The suspect is said to have first stabbed the students in the foyer of the university. In a lecture hall where a lecture was being held in front of around 100 people, the German then attacked the 30-year-old.

All four victims are accidental victims. The murder weapons, two kitchen knives, were bought by the man shortly before the crime. There are no indications of a political or religious background to the crime, it said. Will be determined because of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm, said Kruse.

The Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences has existed at the two locations in Hamm and Lippstadt since 2009. The campus in Hamm is in the east of the city. The focus is on engineering, natural sciences and economics as well as computer science. The university currently has 5,600 students at both locations.