Alive happened just 6: how died the 6th company of Pskov paratroopers

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6 March 2000 in the full bloom of life is gone from the life of the chief of Coastal armies of Northern fleet of the Navy of Russia Alexander Otrakovsky. He fell not in battle, but one of the episodes of the Second Chechen war became fatal for the General.

Alexander Otrakovsky as the commander of a group of Marines of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus took part in both Chechen campaigns. He enjoyed great respect both among his subordinates as well as among the civilian population of Chechnya. Thanks to General many of the villages in the breakaway Republic was liberated without bloodshed: he just came to the Vainakh the elders and convinced them to expel from their homes by bandits. The civilian population for Otrakovskogo always been more expensive than any victorious battle.

on the night of 6 March 2000 on 54 year of life heart of General suddenly stopped. It was the third and last heart attack. Even in the First Chechen campaign Otrakovsky heavily experienced the death of 64 Marines. First Deputy Alexander Otrakovskogo, Colonel Sergey Pushkin, noted that his head was kind of unusual for commanders sensitivity.

the General was sent for treatment to St. Petersburg, but he did not stay there long and again asked to Chechnya. But here his share of new experiences. In the battle for the height 1561 died 12 paratroopers, among them a close friend of his son captain Alexei Milosevic, and Ivan Otrakovsky only narrowly escaped this hell.

According to the recollections of colleagues, General Otrakovsky due to nerve strain could not sleep for days, but if filled, then no more than 4-5 hours. Had to make reports on the situation in the units and to set new goals. In this mode, without any break and vacations he worked for 7 monthEV. However, many believe that the last straw has undermined the heart of the General was an event which occurred on the night of March 1, 2000.

on the last day of February 2000, when the Village was already hoisted the Russian flag, the 6th company of the 2nd battalion of the 104th guards airborne regiment 76th (Pskov) airborne division was instructed to occupy the commanding heights of the East Cord (height 776) for controlling the movement of the remnants of the militants. Marines for unknown reasons, did not bring heavy weapons, which, as subsequent events showed, was their fatal error.

At the same time to break through the Argun gorge was preparing a group of militants numbering at least 2,500 people, which inevitably would have walked right past the location of a company of paratroopers. Among the leaders of the gangs were Shamil Basayev and Khattab. Those who study this episode of the Chechen war, is still haunted by the question: how Russian generals have missed such a large grouping of terrorists?

Events were moving rapidly. About half of the first night exploration of the 6-th company stumbled upon the vanguard fighters, battle ensued, but due to the numerical superiority of the terrorists, the Marines retreated to a height of 776. There is a theory that before you go on the attack, insurgents came to the company commander major Sergey Morozovym in negotiations, trying to convince him that they were allowed to pass. They allegedly said that he paid “to whom it is necessary” for the passage of half a million dollars.

Having been refused, the gunmen rushed to storm the heights. First from a sniper’s bullet killed major Molodov, took his place attached to the company commander of the 2nd parachute battalion mark Eutuchin. The forces were too unequal. The new commander several times unsuccessfully requested assistance, but he refused each time. The answer was always the same: “keep height”. The paradox is in the fact that the battlefield was surrounded by a large group of Federal troops, which reached according to some 100 thousand people.

A rushed to the aid of dying in an unequal battle company. Among them was major General Alexander Otrakovsky, stationed with his unit in the Vedeno, however, the transfer of Marines to command is strictly forbidden. It was a colossal blow to the General, who reproached myself that I wasn’t able to help the paratroopers.

Only late at night to the battlefield managed to break a small group of 15 people led by major Alexander by Dostovalova. Fire support 6th company provided artillery battalion of the 104th parachute regiment, but due to the lack of East-KORD spotter shells were falling not only on the enemy but on their own. Closer to dawn killed Eutuchin. Position the remaining paratroopers became critical. Took the place of Evtyugina captain Viktor Romanov was forced to call the fire itself.

By 6 a.m. it was all over. The militants took the height and brutally finished off the surviving soldiers. All these atrocities were captured by mercenaries on video and posted online. Only 6 people managed to get out of this bloody slaughter to break through to her. On that terrible night at the height of 776 killed 84 Pskov paratroopers. The losses of the insurgents amounted to several hundred people. It is unfortunate that this tragedy happened after the defense Minister Igor Sergeev announced the end of the war in Chechnya.

still a lot of unknown in the history of the death of the 6th company of the Pskov paratroopers. To shed light on the events described, which interferes with the secrecy of the results of the departmental investigation. Journalist Edwin Polanyi noted that “this story had a lot of criminal oddities”. For example, it is known that the path of groups of Basayev-Khattab was cleared of all police roadblocks. There is information about intercepted negotiations between Basayev and Khattab, on the eve of battle, where it seems to be the first informs the second that unhindered access to the territory of Dagestan they paid $500 thousand to someone from the feds.

Harsh in his statements was the commander of the 104th guards parachute-desanten regiment, Colonel Sergei Melentyev. He urged not to believe the official media and added that this tragedy someone switched 84 the lives of our soldiers to 17 million rubles.

It Melentieva the official investigation into 2 may 2000 convicted in the deaths of soldiers under article 293 of the criminal code (negligence, which negligently caused grave consequences). But already on may 30 at the Amnesty he was released. Vladimir Vorobiev, the father of the deceased senior Lieutenant Alexei Vorobyov, told me that at the very beginning of the battle Melentyev requested permission for a waste company, but the General Makarov’s request was ignored. 13 June 2002 Sergei Melentyev, as well as two years earlier, Alexander Otrakovsky, died of a heart attack.

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