It was a sunny day in Barcelona when the Swiss team Alinghi Red Bull Racing was out training with their new boat. Suddenly, the mast broke into pieces, causing a chain reaction. The crew managed to escape serious injury, but the boat suffered some damage.

The incident occurred in 20 knots of wind, with the locals calling it a strong Garbi. It is still unclear whether the mast break was caused by a loose sail or a yielding forestay. The team is currently analyzing the exact cause of the failure.

Despite the shock, the team reacted swiftly and professionally, ensuring the safety of the crew and the boat. The Co-General Manager, Silvio Arrivabene, commented on the accident, expressing the team’s determination to make a quick comeback.

Silvio Arrivabene acknowledged that incidents like this are part of the sport and that they are prepared with spare parts to handle such situations. The team is focused on repairing the boat and getting back to training as soon as possible.

This is the first mast break in the 37th America’s Cup, making Alinghi Red Bull Racing the first team to experience such an incident. The team remains optimistic and determined to continue their preparations for the upcoming competition.