The music He had been on the advance, said that members of the public to be a high-energy show, could have expected it, and Alice Cooper did not disappoint in the Forest.

It may be his is 71 years old then, but already a few years of entitlement to pension benefits, there is something to be proved, Vincent Damon Furnier as the lead singer is really hot – that is, he is still easily able to compete with with acts a lot younger. The energy and pleasure burst from the hits, à la ” No more mr. nice guy’, ‘Billion dollar babies’, ‘Poison’, and ‘Teenage Frankenstein’ was the young man who brought it if he’s not even a zillion times before him. All, there is a band behind it, Cooper is also one of the applausje. We usually get a flawless solo is heard, and, as a powerchick as a guitar player Nita Strauss, the work is seen.

Was it all great? If we want to nitpick we must, however, admit that in the beginning of the show, very unprofessional, seemed to. An act like Alice Cooper, you’d expect a once in a while, something extraordinary, and that it was not really the case at all. In the background, so this is not the legokasteel we have presents us with petekindje on the fair and in our nightmares, as Cooper during the course of our previous discussion had identified. During the opening track “Feed my Frankenstein” seemed to be the voice of the Furnier also be a moment to be lost in the sound mix, though, it was so nice.

you may Also use Cooper’s legokasteel, and the corresponding world became funnier as the night wore on. This is what we have, not only a three-meter-high baby out, but there were other things, too, a guillotine and a confettikanon. Add to that Cooper’s kledingwissels to which, among other things, the iconic walking cane, top hat and a straight jacket, an important place in demanding and difficult in the beginning, it was more than made up for.

be Honest? We rarely have to be so hard, sung and laughed together on the same night. Well played, sir, well played.