Alexei Kuznetsov: that he wrote Stalin a

History 28/12/19 Alexei Kuznetsov: that he wrote Stalin a “master” of the siege of Leningrad

Alexei Kuznetsov is still one of the most controversial figures in the history of Leningrad. Some historians believe that it was his fault the city was not prepared for the blockade, killing almost half of its population. However, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the leadership of the Northern capital Kuznetsov received a commendation from Stalin himself.

Party career and participation in the repression

Alexei Alexandrovich Kuznetsov was born in 1905 in the city of Borovichi, Novgorod province. Kuznetsova’s father was an ordinary worker, therefore, not surprising that he began his career in conventional sorter at the local sawmill. However, if you believe Nicholas Zenkovich, author of the encyclopedia “the Most closed people,” Alexei Kuznetsov from his youth was not alien to the party activities. In the early 1930-ies and energetic, despite his age, by then already a fairly experienced party member said Sergei Kirov. So Alexey Alexandrovitch was in Leningrad as the head of the Dzerzhinsky district Committee of the city.

Not left without attention of Alexei Kuznetsov, the first Secretary of the Leningrad regional and city CPSU(b) Andrei Zhdanov. According to Vladimir Kuznechevskaya, the author of the book “Stalin and the “Russian question” in the political history of the Soviet Union,” in 1937, a 32-year-old Kuznetsov became a close associate of Zhdanov and the second Secretary of the city Committee. In Leningrad period Alexei Alexandrovich took the most direct part in the repression. According to archival materials (NKVD order No. 00447 of 30 July 1937), Kuznetsov was part of the so-called Troika, non-judicial body, whose members decide the fate of “anti-Soviet elements”.

In the siege of Leningrad

However, Alexei Kuznetsov has become widely known thanks to his participation in rapMessiah, and thanks to the leadership of Leningrad during the siege. As the authors of the book “Leaders of Saint-Petersburg” (edited by A. L. Baumann), Kuznetsov was involved in virtually all problems of the besieged city and its inhabitants. He was the Deputy Chairman of the Commission for defence of Leningrad, the Chairman of the Commission on the establishment of fortifications around the North of the capital, the Chairman of the food Commission, and a member of the boards of several fleets. In the role of “owner” of Leningrad Kuznetsov in a sense, even eclipsed by Zhdanov, who had often observed, “moments of weakness”.

according to Simon Sebag-Montefiore, the author of the book “Stalin. Yard red monarch”, Kuznetsov became a national hero. He got exactly the same rations as the rest of the blockade, but it worked all the time. In order to maintain the morale of soldiers, Andrei avoided the trenches with his 4-year-old son, Valery. Daughter and wife Kuznetsova left in the evacuation, and the boy remained with his father for the mentioned purpose. It is not surprising that Kuznetsov has received praise from Stalin himself. “Alex, Motherland will not forget you!” – wrote the leader. In addition to the note, Stalin sent Kuznetsov pack of their favorite cigarettes.

the Arrest of Kuznetsova and its consequences

Perhaps later the KGB was looking for the note from Stalin’s son Alexey Kuznetsov. At least Nikolai Zenkovich in his encyclopedia “the secret relatives” says that every morning some people met Valery Kuznetsov at the school and shook the contents of his briefcase on the ground. So the day Kuznetsov Jr. became the to begin with ever since his father was arrested, and then executed. Alexey Alexandrovitch was taken into custody August 13, 1949, in the framework of the well-known “Leningrad affair”. According to Valery Kuznetsova, his father was tortured, with the result that he had a damaged spine. In October 1950, Alexey Kuznetsov shot.

What Casais the Stalin note, she disappeared. As he writes in his book “the Wounded generation”, Alexander Afanasiev, referring to the memories of the children of Alexei Kuznetsov, the KGB even broke the box of cigarettes, which “host” the siege of Leningrad kept all these years. Went and family of Alexei Alexandrovich. His wife, Zinaida Dmitrievna spent several months in handcuffs in the Vladimir prison. She was sent into exile from which he returned only in 1954. The eldest daughter Kuznetsova, Alla, has died at the age of 29 from leukemia. The most successful was the fate of Valeria: he has made a political career, and in 2000-ies was the appointed Director of the business club “mercury”.

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