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Biography 19/01/20 Alexander Egnatashvili: was the “Kremlin chef” brother Stalin

the Soviet government, as you know, oppressed “former” from the “exploiting classes”. It would seem that the fate of the brothers Egnatashvili descendant of a Georgian princely family, whose father owned restaurants – have been since 1917 to be unenviable. However, instead of the persecution they were favored by the Bolsheviks. Especially the amazing fate of his younger brother Alexander, who rose to the position of General of the NKVD. This career historians explain the likely relationship with Joseph Stalin.

the Origin

the Family of a Georgian merchant of the 2nd Guild egnatashvili of Jacob (also the name I write like Egnatashvili or Egnatashvili) in the late nineteenth century lived in Gori. Yakov owned vineyards and was considered a major wine merchant. It was at his house in his youth worked as a laundress Stalin’s mother, Ekaterina (nee Geladze). According to popular legend, the girl got pregnant from the employer, and not from her husband, Vissarion Dzhugashvili, who in the year of the birth of Joseph, worked in a Shoe factory in Tiflis. Catherine Dzhugashvili, according to the historian Simon Sebag-Montefiore, one day dropped the ambiguous phrase: “the[Egnatashvili] always tried to help us in creating our family.”

although direct evidence for biological paternity of James Egnatashvili does not exist, the legitimate sons of a merchant was from childhood a close with Soso Dzhugashvili, a lot of time confined to their house. The elder brother, Vasily Yakovlevich, he participated in revolutionary activities, and in the years of Stalin’s rule, was elected Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR. Even more bizarre was the twists of fate Alexander Yakovlevich in Egnatashvili born in 1887.

the Wrestler and the nepman

after Graduating from Georgia in real school, Alexander went to Moscow, but instead of continuing education chose a different path. In Georgia Sachiko EgnaTassili was the champion of the national martial arts chidaoba, so in the capital he engaged in circus French struggle. “A handsome Caucasian” as it was called press at the time, won a lot of victories in the arena. However, after some time the performances had to stop. Father wanted to see in Alexander the successor of the family tradition. Giving son capital, James Egnatashvili sent him to Baku to sell wine in the restaurant. He returned to Tbilisi only when he managed to increase his father’s money. The revolutionary storm did not affect the business of Alexander Egnatashvili. He kept a restaurant in Tbilisi before the end of 1920-ies. But after the collapse of the NEP was placed under arrest for tax evasion. To Alexander was released, he was ready to vouch for the mother of Stalin, however, the case was decided without its participation.

“Sasha went to Moscow, where<...>went to the Stalin – says the article Ivan Alikhanov, stepson Alexander Egnatashvili Soon Sasha came back with a letter from the Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee Avel Enukidze in the name of Beriah, where it was said that A. J. Egnatashvili assigned to the system gosupravlenie of the CEC of the USSR to the position of matron of the rest house of the CEC in foros and all claims against him should be dropped.”

the Cook-General

foros Alexander Egnatashvili was transferred to work in Moscow, where he was Director of vacation homes. In 1937 he received in the Kremlin as Deputy head of security of Stalin on the economic side. In fact, he acted as chef and steward of feasts of the leader, which, according to Ivan Alikhanov, was treated “like a God”. The famous phrase of Stalin, addressed to Alexander Egnatashvili: “Feed me delicious”.

Alexander personally tried the dishes that were served the “father of Nations” (for which he received the nickname “Rabbit”), and also made the menu at official receptions. It Egnatashvili stood at the origins of a kind “the Kremlin kitchen”, combining the Caucasian, Russian and French dishes. For participation in the holding of the Yalta conference the son of a merchant received the Order of Kutuzov I degree. Stalin appreciated his cooks, and even awarded him the rank of major-General of state security. Alexander died of Egnatashvili in 1948. Another alleged half-brother Stalin – Vasily Egnatashvili died in the late 1950-ies.

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