On Wednesday morning, a fire broke out in a building located at the Davie shipyard near Levis. Although a general alarm was necessary, the fire was contained to a building that is currently in use by the company.

Initial information indicates that the fire started just before 11 a.m. on the roof of one building of the South Shore shipyard in Quebec. The river is visible from the other side, as well as the construction site.

Marcel Poulin (head of communications at Davie), said that the fire has affected unused buildings.

“Buildings 37-38 are affected. These buildings are old and in danger of being demolished, according to the spokesperson.


Several employees were seen leaving the site at noon. According to one worker, they had been moved around a few times before being asked to leave.

The employee, who was in a boat at the time of the fire broke out, stated that “when the firefighters arrived the order was for as many people as possible to get out.” It wasn’t too long, and we were smelling smoke as we made our way out. We had to tell the men to stop waiting too long and deny them a little bit. It’s amazing how things can turn out.

Davie’s management confirmed that all day-shift workers are home.

“We evacuated all buildings adjacent to our building for safety. Following the request by Hydro-Quebec for a power cut, all employees were sent home. Mr. Poulin explained that the decision to make the evening shift in the following hours would be made. .

Thick smoke

We quickly discovered that thick smoke was coming from the building. The roof also shows flames. The importance of the blaze is partly explained by the wooden structure, which dates back many years.

Rejean Perusse is the operations manager for the Levis fire department. He says that 80% of the building has been set on fire. The spread of the fire is being controlled by firefighters as well.

“For the time being, we don’t have to worry about any other buildings. There are approximately fifty firefighters on the ground. “We are in general alarm,” says the person responsible for the firefighters.

The building was empty so no employees were present when the fire broke out.