Airlines around the world have a safety rule that most pilots must follow – no beards allowed. While there is no specific regulation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that explicitly prohibits pilots from having beards, many airlines have policies in place for safety reasons. The main concern is ensuring that oxygen masks fit properly in case of an emergency.

According to a study conducted by the FAA in 1987, titled “The Influence of Beards on Oxygen Mask Efficiency,” it was found that facial hair can reduce the efficiency of oxygen masks. This can be particularly problematic during emergencies when oxygen masks need to be donned rapidly and seal effectively.

Different airlines have varying policies when it comes to facial hair. For example, Delta Air Lines allows sideburns as long as they do not extend past the middle of the ear, and mustaches are permitted as long as they are neat and do not extend past the corners of the mouth. However, beards are not allowed as they can interfere with the seal of oxygen masks.

American Airlines also has a similar policy in place for safety reasons. They do not allow pilots with facial hair to be on active duty, emphasizing that safety is a top priority in the aviation industry.

Despite these rules, some pilots extend the same message of respect and safety to passengers. In a viral video from February, a Delta Air Lines pilot emphasized the importance of following instructions from flight attendants and being respectful towards one another during the flight.

In conclusion, while the rule banning pilots from having beards may seem strict, it is ultimately in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both the pilots and passengers on board. Airlines prioritize safety above all else, and adhering to these regulations is crucial in maintaining a secure flying environment.