Leuven, belgium, A gezinsuitstap in the region of Liege jalhay’s carnival to Support Him, from Leuven, in the hospital before. Out of nowhere, and in the presence of a 6-year-old son he hits a walker, who found Him in the way of blocking. “While I and my family wanted to care for his stray dog,” said the Belgian, who in the meantime had surgery and was in a kaakbreuk.

Support He was the Saturday afternoon went to jalhay’s carnival-a first meeting to be with his girlfriend, son and dog go for a brisk walk, do it.“At about 12.50 a.m. I saw on the trail parallel to the river, another group of hikers, three men in their thirties. They had blown a dog type of Australian shepherd. The dog walked a few meters ahead of them. My friend’s son, and my dog went to the end of a dead-end and closed-off bridge over the river, when the Australian shepherd’s, and ran. In order to have a possibility of an attack by their dog and to avoid it, and while I was out with my leg, and the access to the bridge, where my family was,” would He have been the story.

bad words

The owner of the dog was found, this was apparently not able to, and was asking me all the time why I have a dog stopped, and he started me off cursing in Spanish. At that point, I was standing with my back to them. I got the chance to explain, because it geenseconde after that, I turned around, I felt a hard blow to my linkerkaak, right next to my ear. My sunglasses flew out of the river. I felt that my jaw was broken. I was completely in shock. My son, ran very angry, and in tears, for the three walkers, and he put between them and myself is to defend ourselves,” says He.

find His girlfriend was in the trio, was still pursuing film and photography. The family went back to the car park and ask for help. His girlfriend looked right for the phone number of the local police, but they were little to listen to. “I was taken to the police department of the Spa. I did that with my story, but I was told that I was not in the region was on a recovery team to steer was very hard, because I’m not exactly able to say, when I was in the parking lot, it would be arriving. At the same time it turned out to be a local man went missing in the area of the City. She said that I should call back if I was in the parking lot was. There were cops, they were looking into the case, and that they could not have me with a new one.”

the Complaint with Committee P,

as a result, the family is immediately taken to the university hospital of Leuven / louvain has to leave to be cared for. The officers there sent them to walk. Once in his room he phoned to the police in Leuven, but since they sent it to the cabinet to the wall. “It was a Saturday night and busy”, she said. He feels all the areas abandoned by the police. He was, therefore, a complaint with Committee p “I would like that study to be carried out at the attacker, but also to the police. I want to also do not have to pay for the costs associated with this event”, says He. He calls out to them to look for the perpetrators.