It is easy for the horror writer, Stephen King (71). Not only does it changes for every book that he will write a best-seller, and then they come out, piece by piece, made into a feature film. As of today, we get It: Chapter Two is presented, as well as these noteworthy films and television series, hunted us in the past for fear of. Pretty scary for a 10. ‘The Green Mile’ (1999)

The story is about a prison warden Paul Edgecomb (played by Tom Hanks), who, in his younger years, has stood guard on death row called the green mile because of the green floor, it leaves no-one cold. Paul learned that the inmate, John Coffey, know, who, falsely accused of rape and murder. Coffey had supernatural powers, and has performed as some of the cottages. When he was at the very end of the film is still being executed, it is difficult to make any sure way of to the toes.