In addition to the heat, thunderstorms continue to determine the weather situation in Germany. The situation should calm down on Wednesday – at least temporarily.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), a sunny morning can be expected in large parts of Germany. During the course of the day, thunderstorms are expected to move from west to east, some of which also contain heavy gusts of wind. Local storms with hurricane-like gusts at speeds of around 110 km/h and heavy rain and hail are not excluded.

The southeast should remain sunny and dry until the evening. In the late evening, individual thunderstorms are also expected in the south. In the foothills of the Alps there can be thunderstorms and heavy precipitation until early Tuesday morning, with thunderstorm-like amounts of precipitation on the immediate edge of the Alps.

The storms are expected to slowly move eastward on Tuesday night.

In Berlin, Brandenburg and parts of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Bavaria, there is an extreme heat warning from the German Weather Service. Apart from the west and northwest, there is a high or very high risk of forest fires in many places.

Local thunderstorms are expected in the early evening. In some places there may be heavy rain, hail and squalls, with a low probability of severe squalls or hurricane-force gusts. The last thunderstorms should move to Poland on Tuesday morning.

In south-eastern Bavaria there should initially be thunderstorms with heavy rain, which will subside over the course of the day. Gusts are to be expected on the coasts and in the north of Schleswig-Holstein.

Currently it looks like the weather will calm down on Wednesday. The German Weather Service assumes no weather hazards. However, individual stormy gusts are expected on the Baltic Sea.

A few strong thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday on the eastern edge of the Alps. They will also reach the East at night.