Showbiz seems to be a curse to be a few that won the award for the ‘Best Couple’ with him to his house during the deStory Showbiz Awards, the next year apart from each other. Who should I trend to break through?

Pommeline, and Fabrizio had last year, believe they were in the pink section of the Story Showbiz Awards-favourite couple of the year. In the years that followed, we came, however, to know that their engagement has been broken, and that Fabrizio, in his own way, wanted to go to.

it was The year before we won The Verhulst and the K3, I short history of the award, as well as their relationship came to an end. If we are to have an extra year to go back, we will find that He Will, and his Cat, Kerkhofs just as the other had been after them to the world of Showbiz Award is great, although it was thankfully a temporary thing.

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