The two Germans injured in the glacier fall in northern Italy are doing better. Her state of health is stabilizing, said the health authority in Veneto on Tuesday evening, in whose clinics the man and the woman are.

Doctors in the province of Belluno operated on the 67-year-old on Tuesday for his injuries. He will remain in intensive care for the time being. The 58-year-old woman was transferred to a normal ward and will continue to be monitored there.

Meanwhile, the number of missing has fallen from thirteen to eight. The police in Trento confirmed this when asked on Tuesday. Four foreigners who were missing could be contacted and are healthy. In addition, the personal details of a seriously injured man who was taken to a clinic in Treviso after the accident could be determined, as reported by the Ansa news agency.

Rescue workers were also able to recover the first body parts. There is little hope of other survivors. Meanwhile, two Swiss mountaineers fell to their deaths on the Matterhorn.

An avalanche of ice, snow and debris buried several climbers on Sunday on the Marmolada in northern Italy. The authorities have so far confirmed seven dead and eight injured, including two Germans.

The emergency services on site continued the search for dead and missing people at the scene of the accident on Tuesday. Because the subsoil was still unstable and the authorities could not rule out further avalanches, the rescue workers flew over the area with drones. The mountain massif remains closed until further notice.