Tom HardyCharlize Théron have a great chemistry onscreen in ” Mad Max.” But what’s it like to actually experience this chemistry? Ronna Kress is the “Fury Road” casting director. The answer is overwhelming. Ronna Kress, “Fury Road” casting director, revealed in Kyle Buchanan’s oral historical book “Blood, Sweat & Chrome” that she crashed her car after seeing the “intense” chemistry between Hardy, Theron, for the first time.
Kress stated that the truth is that Tom was not cast until Charlize and Tom were together. “At that time, director George Miller had returned to Australia and we conducted a video-conference call with Warner Bros. to talk to George. It was important for George to see Charlize and Tom together. We knew they were there the moment we saw them. It was an indescribable, perfect experience.”

Kress said, “After the video conference, Tom and Charlize were waiting for me in the parking lot. They looked amazing together. I was staring at them and knew it was the right thing. As I waved goodbye, I drove my car into a pole, and then crashed my car into the pole. Charlize yelled at me, “Oh my God, Ronna,” I replied, “I’m fine.” It was so intense!

Buchanan is also the New York Times awards columnist. She shared a photo on social media showing the damage Kress caused to her car following the crash (see the image below).

It took months to land Hardy and Theron as the leads in Mad Max: Fury Road. After Miller had considered many options, including Armie Hammer and Michael Fassbender as well as Joel Kinnaman, Heath Ledger Eric Bana, Eminem, Heath Ledger, Joel Kinnaman and Joel Kinnaman, Hardy was able to land the role of Max Rockatansky. Miller, who was also considering Rihanna and Gal Gadot for Theron’s Furiosa part, considered them all.

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