After a long weekend shut off the hot water in the center of Novosibirsk and the October district. List of streets

June 15 will begin testing of heating systems, which are in a zone of TPP-5 in the Central and Oktyabrsky districts.

a List of streets that will be without hot water until June 26 (the maximum period), provided in the press service of “Siberian generating company”.

Test in the Oktyabrsky district will affect the the street National, Esenin and Koshurnikova from Street to Nikitin, Kuprin street Street (from Kirov to Koshurnikova), Stofato, Dobrolyubova (from Kirov to Koshurnikova), Panfilov, Nikitina (from Yesenin to Kirov), Autogenous, Pskov, Hub, Radio, Hiking, Panfilov, Ammonstrasse, archaeology, Griboyedov (from Proletarian to Kirov), Military, proletarian, Karl Liebknecht, red army, Dalidovich, Korolenko, Leskov, Belinsky, Turgenev, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Leningrad, Moscow, Guriev (from Garanina to Kirov), Artillery, Garanina, Sacco and Vanzetti (from Kirov to Leskov), Makovsky, Shevchenko (from Kirov to center).