In what is now the third attempt, the two representatives of the AfD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives were elected to the parliamentary investigative committee on the right-wing extremist series of attacks in Neukölln on Thursday.

Antonin Brousek and his deputy Karsten Woldeit had previously failed twice after the FDP had voted against the AfD proposals and the other groups had abstained. In the event of another failure, the AfD had announced that it would be clarified in court.

Nothing stands in the way of the constituent meeting of the committee on June 16th. The appointment had previously been postponed with reference to the missing AfD representatives.

The committee is to deal with right-wing extremist attacks in Neukölln since 2009. Police attribute at least 72 crimes to the series, including 23 arson attacks on cars. The victims were mostly people who campaigned against right-wing extremism or for refugees – including today’s Left MP Ferat Kocak, whose car was set on fire in February 2018 and who is now a deputy member of the U-Committee.

After long and initially unsuccessful investigations, charges were finally brought against the two neo-Nazis Sebastian T. and Tilo P. last summer. The latter was temporarily a board member of the AfD district association in Neukölln.

In other parliamentary groups there are fundamental concerns about the participation of the AfD in certain parliamentary bodies. The party – according to the accusation – has become radicalized in recent years and has moved more and more to the right. In addition, those affected have specific concerns because former members of the AfD themselves are said to be involved in the series of attacks.