For the third day in a row there are protests by activists of the “Last Generation”. Ten climate activists stuck themselves to the corner of Kurt-Schumacher-Damm and Heckerdamm on the exit of the city motorway.

The police were there within ten minutes. There were backlogs on the A111, which have since cleared up.

Coal phase-out, climate change, sector coupling: The briefing for the energy and climate sector. For decision makers

From 8:30 a.m. the blockade was over and the freeway was free again. Here is a video of the police breaking up the blockade:

The police filed criminal charges against the blockers. According to “Last Generation” there were a total of five protest sites on the A100.

Our reporter Muhamad Abdi is on site and reports on the action in a video here:

The activists of the “Last Generation” demand a word of power from Chancellor Olaf Scholz and a stop to oil drilling in the North Sea. They want to prevent climate collapse and are campaigning for a speed limit on German autobahns.

“We need drastic change now. We have to save oil instead of drilling for new ones! Simple ways would be a speed limit and free public transport,” said Lena Bonasera, one of the co-founders of “Last Generation”.