History 01/02/20 “Acoustic kitty”, the CIA: how the animal was spying on the diplomats of the USSR

In the 1960s, in the USSR there was a joke (they say not without reason), they say, the CIA will learn about the reshuffle in the Soviet government in the order of enumeration of the members of the Politburo in the newspaper “Pravda”. Indeed, Americans used are not always the most obvious methods of obtaining information about a potential enemy. What tricks were not the experts of the CIA to defeat the secrecy and caution of Soviet diplomacy, even cybercock created.

the Spy above suspicion

it tells the journalist Edward Chesnokov, in the mid-1960s with the coming to power of Brezhnev – the Soviet leadership was a tradition to discuss important issues and make decisions in an informal setting: hunting, walking in the Park… So the experts from the CIA reasonably believed that the suspicions of the vigilant guard in these places will cause, for example, the cat.

Victor Marchetti, who served in those years as special assistant to the head of the CIA, said in an interview that now and can’t remember who first proposed this idea. But it approved. The experiment was called Acoustic Kitty (“Acoustic kitty”). Immediately thereafter, work began on the creation of “ammunition” for the caudate spies.

Cybercock in the service of the CIA

surgically into the ear of the cat was Villalta microphone, which was connected with a transmitter and a battery, also implanted under the skin on the chest of the animal. The wire antenna was located under the coat along the spine. Despite the complex, at first glance, the equipment, he managed to disguise well, so a fluffy cat it was not noticeable even under close contact. Was “utter nonsense” training.

of Course, it was impossible just to release this cyber-cat and take from it the signals. The battery was missing only an hour, and this time it was necessary to useü the maximum benefit. The animal had to approach the conversation on the bench, and then return to base. The experiment has invested more than $ 10 million and losing them (or even to declassify the entire operation) only because the “acoustic cat” falls into the wrong hands, it was impossible.

the First pancake

As he told the Daily Mail in its investigation on the project Acoustic Kitty, the tests in the conditions of the landfill have gone bad. But the first operation failed miserably. When the cat tried to send to talking with someone in the Park of the Soviet diplomat, the animal is first stunned by smells, sounds and stimuli, and then went not to the target, and there, where they smell food.

as a result of kiberkot was hit by a car when he ran across the street. And in 1967, after several years of development and experimentation, the project was recognized as unpromising and completely shut down, having spent, according to different data, from 15 to 25 million dollars. Complete, in essence, the failure was hidden in the report for the vague wording: “the Project has shown high potential, but to achieve fully satisfactory results have failed”.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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