International football In the visbokaal, Milan, it all comes out. Today, you can read in the Gazzetta dello Sport, the harsh words that day in the dressing room and fell in between Romelu Lukaku and Marcelo Brozovic. Bekvechterij between two strong personalities, and winners, but the argument is already settled.

the Extra pigment in the run-up to the Milan derby. The nerves are strained to the Inter, it is known in the Gazzetta from a good source. The analysis Lukaku for the group, after the sour loss of points against Slavia Prague in the Champions League, but not for everyone else in the movie. Big Rom, stressed that his balls had been expecting from his team mates, the more the urge to the fore, more passion, and make sure you are on them, the tactical plans of Antonio Conte, it should not be ignored. ‘The friendly giant’, as he was in Milan, it was cast, shows its influence in the dressing room. As a dedicated leader….

Marcelo Brozovic, a feisty Croatian, could, in the words of our fellow countryman, but I appreciate it. He percipieerde that as a personal attack, and responded to an ad break. Out expletives flew, and they were reported to be anything but friendly and helpful. Team-mates were the two key characters are from each other, and keep. A book came out it did not. In the meantime, the conflict, such as in a walk-in closet by seasons in the thousands, are resolved. Brozovic did in the past and also been using Lukaku’s predecessor, Mauro Icardi. He has in the past.