According to the Pentagon’s top leaders, they don’t believe that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has decided to attack Ukraine . However, he has the resources to provide him with plenty of options.

On Friday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman Joint Staff General Mark Milley urged Russia not to invade Ukraine.

Austin stated that there is no reason for this situation to escalate into conflict during a briefing session with reporters. He can choose to deescalate. He can send his troops home. He can choose between diplomacy and dialogue.”

Milley stated that Russia had gathered more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders. Milley also listed capabilities like ground maneuver forces and ballistic missiles and warned that civilians could be affected if war broke out at the worst possible time.

You can see what it might look like in dense urban areas along roads. It would be horrible. It would be horrible. Milley stated that it is not necessary. He suggested that a diplomatic solution was the best way forward.

Milley pointed out the terrain in Ukraine, pointing out that there are high water tables which when frozen make it ideal for vehicle maneuvers. According to the conventional wisdom, Russian forces won’t launch an attack until ground freezes so that tanks can move freely.

The Pentagon has placed 8,500 U.S. soldiers in the U.S.A. on heightened alert to prevent a potential deployment to Eastern Europe.

Most would deploy as part of NATO Response Force. If the alliance activates them to support the countries on NATO’s eastern flank. If necessary, U.S. troops could move to NATO’s eastern flank if they are already present in Europe. Austin stated Friday that no troops were moved.