Bizarre – “never Take any of the wild animals in the car!”, reads the tweet, which is the U.s. government agency, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the world of submission. Quite everyone knows it, you would think, but that is another story) will be out for a automobiliste, in the city of Colorado Springs is included. They saw it Wednesday, in a bobcat, better known as a bobcat) down the road, stopped the car and took the injured animal with her SUV. Her baby sat in the high chair.

be The woman called and hereinafter referred to as the CPW-game, and asked me what she should do. The frightened wildwachters ran into a busy road, and asked the woman to do the same thing. The rangers ‘ spotting of the car and found the injured animal in the boot of the car to lie down. The adult male bobcat was less than half a meter away from the baby in the car seat. The automobiliste had to use a towel over the animal to put.

She said that the animal had been hit by a vehicle in front of you. It’s a loud little beast could have his arms, legs don’t move, but he tried with his mouth to take it out and when the female ranger is very accurate out of the van, which is impressive.

The injury turned out to be difficult. The rangers have had one of the bobcat out of his suffering to redeem it. The automobiliste was also referred to in the well – it is an urgent recommendation to take no more of the wild animals to take with you, which should be done by professional staff. “If it is a young fawn, a bobcat, or a berenwelp is, you should not take wild animals with them in the car. This was the tragedy of his past,” said a CPW spokesman for the Denver Post.