Follow instructions above In the Marechalstraat in Oostkamp, is a middle-aged woman, vrijdagvoormiddag with her head stuck between the pickets of a railing. They had to go through the fire to be free.

The strange incident took place at around 12.45 pm on the terrace of the apartment of the women. According to the fire department wanted to take the victim to the screen of her blinds out, and when it is misliep. She made an “unfortunate” fall and hit her head stuck between the pickets of the railing around the terrace. Some of the neighbors saw it all happen, and then notified the emergency services. The fire brigade had to be, ultimately, the metal, the style of the railing apart to get the victim out of its precarious position, to be able to deliver. The woman asked, but it was just as a precaution, however, to the hospital.