Weird to see A 21-year-old woman from West Palm Beach, Florida and the united states will earn annually, on average, $ 80,000, (about 72.000 euro), only for her extreme, almost by 16.5-inch long tongue sticking out. Mikayla Saravia puts on her ” lap ” in order to be in commercials and advertisements of food items like ice-creams at an affordable price.

Saravia said in the last year of primary school, and that her tongue is still very important, and could be in for the rest of her life. “I was often a positive response,” she said to Us,AustralischeenBritse the media. After that, they take pictures of themselves on social media had been, it was the province north of the city. In a very short time, zeop Instagramruim two of the million followers, then they are still more likely to be armed by the private sector.

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Now to the task of a eigenwebsiteeneenYouTube-kanaalmet already 61,000 followers. Fans call her, because her tongue is a “lizard” or ” snake.” Saravia it is beautiful and is not ashamed of what she calls ” her trademark. “The only thing I have to do to get to the cash register to ring, and my tongue reach out and lick it to have a new life.”


enterprise established U.s. has recently launched a network attached storage (KKVSH) has been launched in which they have their tongue (including body piercing) are even more liberal magazine. If it sells all kinds of products which are the subject of her now-famous tongue-to-see t-shirts, sleeves, chargers, and sex toys. Saravia speaks of a ‘hit’ and has a concrete plan to make it in the music industry to do the job. As a singer and a dancer. “Because I am more than just my tongue. Twerken (documented by the butt-shaking, ed.). I can also use it as the best of them.”

Saravia, as highlighted on the website of US News, will remain in a sober among its successes. “I’ll stay with both feet on the ground and in the every day life is a good, positive woman, who in her spare time, prefers books to read.”

It is proud to be the salary that she is, with her tongue, and the commercial instinct to earn. “I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish, and will certainly not self-importance, next to my shoes, to walk. The money will go not only to me but also to my poor, poor families, and others who have a financial help to be able to use it.” That they are international, will begin to break down due to its megatong, and in the second instance, but, they call ‘humor’. “I am very pleased with all the compliments, and shame on me, for anything,” says Saravia, who is hoping that she will not only will make history, with its prominent mondspier. “I am much, much more than that.”