Have you found the perfect new place just in time for Valentine’s Day? Will you be spending Cupid’s favorite day driving cross country to your new neighborhood with the person you love? While the timing might not be ideal, you can make that move romantic for Valentine’s Day as you head closer toward your happy ending. If you’re moving on, or are planning just before Valentine’s Day, and aren’t sure how to make it special, read on.

The search is over.


Maybe you’ve spent months searching for “apartments for rent in new york.” Now that you’ve found your perfect new home, it’s time to celebrate your perfect partner. Whether it’s the key to your new place, heart, or rented moving van, before you head off to the West Village or New York City’s Central Park for your new life and job, take time to maintain your personal connection with your partner. While Valentine’s Day will be a little more challenging than usual this year, remember that your new life on the Upper East Side or Staten Island can also mark a new, romantic adventure.


Maybe you’d waited your entire life to find the perfect person to share it with and your new job, home, or even uncertain adventure all mark major potential. This is something to keep in mind as you pack those boxes. In many ways, your search for the things you’ve worked so hard for is over. Now, it’s time for your new life to begin.

Get some help.



With amazing things head, the first step in moving over on Valentine’s Day is to set up a plan. Hiring a moving company like 495 Movers can free up time for romance. Before you head off to the Big Apple, securing a moving company will mean time for celebrating your love later. While movers are lugging your boxes in, you could be visiting the empire state building for a late evening kiss. It’s not like there won’t be time for unpacking later.


While this Valentine’s Day might not be like last year, if your security deposit’s paid and your budget allows it, call for a moving company quote. Offering a variety of services from just transporting your belongings on the big day to helping you pack up those boxes, moving companies can be a big help and take the stress out of the move.

Remember the classics.



Before you leave for your move, make sure to have a plan for the Valentine’s classics. Visit a flower service like bouqs.com to order an arrangement to be sent to your new apartment. Beautiful flowers are always a great way to show how much you care for someone, and they’ll bring new life into your new home. If that’s not possible due to timing or not having keys, look into ways you could grab them on the road. From gas station flowers to vendors on the side of the road, it’ll be important to make the occasion, no matter how busy things get or where your budget is.


If you’ll land in your final destination on Valentine’s Day, this is a chance to make the holiday even more special. Call ahead to find out what the best take out spots are, and consider a picnic on boxes or crates in your new apartment. If you have painting to do in a new home first, a fun way to give Valentine’s Day a nod is to paint your “I love you’s” on the wall before painting over them later. Under that layer of fresh paint, you and your partner will always remember your first Valentine’s Day and that special tribute.


If there isn’t a lot of time for lover’s day plans and time together, another way to commemorate Valentine’s Day could be as simple as a tour around your new city or neighborhood. A drive through town or some quick site-seeing through the car window can still be exciting and fun if you do it with your loved one.

Make memories along the way.



Money is likely tight as you make a move from somewhere like Los Angeles to New York, but the trip could be the perfect opportunity to make some forever memories. Before moving day, google destinations along the way. Stop at a diner where you won’t need reservations for a meal, pull over at a rest area for a dance under the stars, pack a romantic picnic for the halfway point, or bring with you a playlist of your favorite romantic songs. Your Valentine’s Day plans don’t need to be expensive, but putting in a little thought now will go a long way with your romantic partner. Write a love letter, or pick up that card ahead of time.


If your budget allows it, consider making your move longer than it needs to be. Find an affordable hotel or motel along the way, and stop to take Valentine’s Day off for your relationship. Exploring a new place, visiting shops or boutiques, and even taking time out just to take a break can be a nice way to spend the day. It’s not like your new home or apartment won’t wait, so you could always use your move as an excuse for an impromptu vacation.


Away from your partner or loved ones for Valentine’s Day? If you’re moving alone, make sure you reach out to the people you love from the road. A simple phone call or message from you will mean a lot.


In the end, there are no wrong answers in how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the road during a move. The key is to make sure you don’t forget it and find at least one way to take time out for it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can be spontaneous or planned well in advance, but you’ll want to be sure to take time out for it. A simple gesture to say how much you love your partner will make it a Valentine’s Day to remember. They do, after all, have the key to your heart. Happy moving day to you and your special valentine, and be sure to take Cupid with you.