According to the authors, Zuckerberg did not want to participate.

An updated tell-all by Sheera Frenkel of the New York Times and Cecilia Kang “An ugly truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination” examines Facebook’s meteoric rise, its “slow motion fall from grace,” which has tainted founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as well as Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Recent reports indicate that the two executives may have a difficult relationship.

The social media giant continues to be plagued by a number of mistakes, including the leak of customer data without their knowledge, the allegations of U.S. election interference and the spreading misinformation.

This excerpt from the book was shared with FOX Business. It details the leakage of tens to millions of accounts, which would later be known across the pond and in the U.S. as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Chapter 8: “Delete Facebook”

The Observer of London and New York Times were published on March 17, 2018.

Breaking front-page stories about Cambridge, a company

Analytica had access to profile information and records of likes

Shares, photo, location tags and the list of friends

Tens of millions of Facebook users. Inside the organization, a whistleblower

A UK-based political consulting firm had told the story

News organizations that make a shocking claim that the firm was funded by

Trump supporter Robert Mercer, led by Trump’s senior advisor

Stephen K. Bannon had established a new level in political advertising targeting

Facebook data can be used to determine personality traits and political beliefs.

The jaw-dropping fact was that Cambridge Analytica owned it!

The data was accessed without the consent of Facebook users. “The breach

The company was able to profit from the private social media activity

A large portion of America’s electorate has developed techniques to make it easier.

Its work on President Trump’s 2016 campaign was a cornerstone of its efforts.”

The New York Timesreported. The Observer wrote that the “unprecedented” news was reported.

Data harvesting and its use raises concerns

New questions are urgently needed about Facebook’s role targeting voters.

The US Presidential Election.”

It was the latest breach in trust in Facebook’s repeating pattern

Data privacy violations. The long history of the company sharing user data

Data with thousands of apps from all over the internet was opened to the

Cambridge Analytica has the ability to collect data from up to 87 Million users

Without their knowledge, Facebook users. The case was decided.

A particular nerve was caused by the most well-known client of the firm: The

Donald J. Trump’s campaign. Facebook’s role in the election elicited outrage

Election interference is rampant and the United States is fiercely resisting

The story brought together two angry parties, despite being divided by Trump’s election.

A watershed privacy scandal has triggered anger in the nation.

Three weeks later, Zuckerberg was seated at a small witness desk in

The Hart Senate Office’s wood-paneled, cavernous hearing room

Building. He wore a navy suit with a tie from Facebook.

blue His eyes seemed tired and his face looked drained.

Sunken, he looked ahead unflinchingly as the photographers jockeyed

Position around him, cameras whirling in his face. An entourage

Facebook executives: Colin Stretch, Joel Kaplan and many others

Lobbyists sat behind the CEO with grim expressions.

Zuckerberg: “Facebook, an optimistic and idealistic company.”

In his opening remarks, he said. He painted a picture of benevolence.

The social network was a platform that spread awareness about the

Students organized the “MeToo” movement and helped them coordinate it.

March for Our Lives. Users raised funds after Hurricane Harvey.

He added that Facebook has helped more than 20 million people.

“For the majority of our existence, we concentrated on all the good that connected

People can do it.”